Hi Friends! Jess here, creator of Bloody Mary Tour. I started Bloody Mary Tour in 2015 as a place to chat about Everything. Bloody. Mary. I fell in love with Mary during my freshman year of college at a bluegrass festival in Oregon and was hooked since then. I wanted to turn my passion into something palpable, thus BLOODY MARY TOUR was born. 

Bloody Marys are the cornerstone of weekend brunch, Sunday football, long waits at the airport, music festivals, and so much more. Bloodies are my favorite cocktail due to their versatility, ability to be a meal-in-a-glass, and BECAUSE THEY TASTE FREAKIN' GOOD! The creativity you find in a Bloody Mary-- the ingredients, the infusions, the never-ending list of garnishes -- and the people and places that perpetuate their existence make me feel at home.

I currently reside in Seattle, Washington, and will be pursuing my MBA degree at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. I lived in Chicago, Illinois, for a year and lived Colorado for eight years (Denver and Boulder). I am originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, which is where I like to believe my Bloody Mary roots came from. 

If you are interested in working together or collaborating on a project, please email me at bloodymarytour@gmail.com. I'm also very open to accepting free Bloody Marys, so if you want me to try yours (whether it be at a bar/restaurant or a commercial product), contact me!

Cheers Ya'll!