Rating Scale


Another weekend, another brunch. Brunch is easily my favorite meal of the weekend. Almost every weekend, I scope out the hottest brunch spots in whatever city or town I’m in and make sure they serve booze because what is brunch without a Bloody Mary?

Today marks the date of my first Bloody Mary review on Bloody Mary Tour. You can read the review in my latter post. I plan on structuring all of my Bloody Mary reviews with rating categories as follows:


My first impression of the drink when it is first served to me. This ties in the Bloody Mary’s appearance, color, and cleanliness of the drink (whether or not the Bloody Mary is spilling over the sides of the glass, dirty garnishes, etc.). This category ties in abundance of the ingredients in the garnish, as well, because I believe this fits better in terms of a first impression category rather than the actual garnish category.


Rated on taste, attractiveness, and creativity.


Rated on complexity of spices in the Bloody Mary, whether the Bloody Mary may be too sweet or too spicy, and absence of spice.


Rated on the texture of the drink (too thick, too diluted, just perfect, etc.) and how much acidity is present in the drink (as I believe too much acidity can render a Bloody Mary nearly undrinkable, I think this is a key point to a good or bad Bloody Mary).


How does this Bloody Mary compare to others in terms of creativity? Is it unique in terms of spices, flavors, garnishes, infusions, etc.? Was it served in a creative glass or with an additional item?

Each category has a maximum rating of 20 points. The final scores are reflective of the following:

0-50: This Bloody Mary sucks. I would not drink it again nor would I ever recommend it to anyone. It is essentially considered the worst Bloody Mary I have ever had and makes me feel like throwing up all of the remnants from last night’s rendezvous.

51-60: This Bloody Mary is bad. It’s drinkable, but horrible. The only reason I continue to drink it is to get rid of my hangover.

61-70: This Bloody Mary is “meh.” I can drink it and it tastes okay, but I would not return to this location and order this Bloody Mary. It it lacking in notable attributes.

71-80: This is an average Bloody Mary. Tasty, drinkable, somewhat pleasing to the eye. Nothing too special, but I am not complaining.

81-90: I would recommend this Bloody Mary to anyone. It is scrumptious in terms of garnishes and actual drink, is aesthetically pleasing, and is not just a “regular old Bloody Mary.”

91-98: This Bloody Mary is pretty freakin’ awesome!

99-100: This Bloody Mary gets an A+ and I could drink it every damn morning.